Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting ready to go home

Last day and night in Provincetown. I am packing, cleaning and doing laundry (nice to come home with everything clean). I am sad to be leaving this lovely paradise on the outer cape. It has shown me a wonderful time with new friends and a deeper appreciation for the changing of the leaves and weather patterns. I have survived a Hurricane, a Nor'easter and some cold windy weather. But I have also been witness to the sea full time. I need the ocean in my life. I soaked enough into my soul to last for awhile. Tomorrow leaving on a small plane to Boston where 5 hours await me in the lounge. It is glorious today with some wind and beautiful blue skies. First and foremost, I must talk about the food in a whaling and fishing town. It is so fresh and amazing and the lobster still seems like it is alive as it was two seconds before they serve it to you. Tanks of live lobsters fill tanks here and are picked according to the weight you want. To know that they came in fresh that morning made them even better. The clam chowders and lobster bisque are creamy and some even had sherry to their bisque's. Loved that extra feature, The old fashion oyster crackers come with all the soups and they taste just like I remember them and are much better than saltine crackers. I had some fabulous meals and enjoyed some yummy desserts as well as evidenced by my photos along the way. The people I have met have universally been lovely other than the queen next door. But to his credit he did apologize and I never saw him again. The men and women, servers, bar tenders and those owners I talked to all love their town and will tell some amazing stories to one who just asks the right questions. They tell you how they landed in the outer cape and why they love it so. Life is slower and calmer and the essence of the big city not anywhere around. As you walk town I waved to people I had met and I felt like I belonged. I love the townies as they are called. Most are from somewhere else but I did meet a very few natives to that area. The events that took place speak for themselves in my many blogs from here. Again, everyone had fun and were so pleasant to a stranger in their midst. We laughed at the groups, the comics, the Halloween get ups and sang your hearts out with Bobby at the piano. A permanent smile was always on the people too. They walked around happy. Nothing got in their way of their joy. And of course, being off season, it was more quiet and back to the space that the townies love. A quiet breeze, a little sun and the sea kept my soul nourished. My daily walks to the beach and harbor were moments of reflection and I would not trade one day of my trip. I originally thought 6 weeks might be a little long but, it went by so fast it is hard to believe it is time to leave. And I leave with my soul full, my dreams in tact and the smell of the sea forever with me. Thanks for taking the journey with me and all your wonderful comments. It truly was an adventure of a lifetime. And a special shout out to my new BFF Anthony who really showed me why he gave up a big career after 30 years in NYC and moved to the Cape to take the job of Tourist Director and before that Chief of Operations at the Pilgrim Monument. I learned to see the love in his eyes for Provincetown and it enhanced my love of the town as well.


  1. Hey Madge! Remember me? I watched the election with you at Sage! I hope you had a safe return and your blog is great! Look forward to seeing you in the future!

  2. Just got back tonight Alana. Email me at We had such fun as our Obama won again.