Monday, July 28, 2014

In the land of forests.

In  a state very far away, which was lush with trees and greenery lived a family. It was a bit of a cluster fuck as this family was divided and one was sent away and ended up in a state far away.  This person would come to visit the family from time to time to sharpen his sword and fling his arrows. No one really ever understood him. He didn't really understand himself and created havoc for anyone who came into his path and that included his family.  The wife had tried her best for so many years and was the glue that held everyone  together, but one day the glue came unstuck and the family, as it was known, was thrown into a shit storm. The kids were lost, the man was always lost and the mom was on her way to face her biggest battle-the building of a new life in a more serene area. Everyone was depending on the mom to make it all work. She was driven day in and day out by demons; sometimes by her kids and the sword bearing man when he showed up. She would try not to surrender but the forces were too strong. She would weaken and the flood of tears would come. The kids also floated in the current being washed out from time to time but would cling to the woman and be saved. Sometimes it was temporary but mostly never seemed to just be still. The woman tried everything to calm the chaos because from chaos she was sure something would appear to help guide her. After a while it became apparent that everyone was disappearing except for the girl who hung on for dear life. She would not let go of the mother. She was taking her mother down a road that would be hard to navigate but what was the woman to do? People tried to help but it was hard to hear them. The sleep deprived woman continue to try until one day she could take it no more. She set boundaries, rules and goals. She wrote lists of responsibilities. She found better therapists and a new house and started to feel stronger again. Her friends will help her settle in to her new life and as the story is taking place the narrator leaves the scene. She hopes the outcome will be accomplished and the family will be able to allow no more men with swords and awful words to penetrate their souls or their lives. The girl will stop hurting herself, the boy will continue maturing away at school and the mom will pursue her new career which took her 12 years to finish and all will be righted. Light will again show the way through the forests to the light and lushness around her new surroundings. The new house will become the home she dreamed of and this narrator will be back another time to finish this story and see where they all end up.


  1. Sending love and light to the beautiful family in your story. May the Universe shine down on them.

  2. This was the woman that I went to visit in NC. Hopefully, the house will close on Aug 8 and everything will start to be better.